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We do this with our very own newsletter, The Media Minute, so our subscribers don t have to spend time questioning who or what it is and will simply open and read.

A consistent person s name works well, too I know just a short while ago I said to avoid using a person s name as the sender, but there are a few scenarios where this is okay. Again, if you re Oprah. But also, if you have your own consistent newsletter. Newsletters are meant to be informal and conversational; they should possess the voice of their authors. Using an author s name for the sender name is a simple, yet effective, personal touch that elevates the reading experience for subscribers.

Bon App tit sends out both daily and weekly newsletters. Send Bulk Emails with CBT Mass Email Sender come from Bon App tit, while the weekly newsletters come from a consistent author, such as the magazine s editor-in-chief or food director. The daily newsletters will typically re-purpose stories and recipes from the magazine without much commentary, while the weekly newsletters act as a personal column for specific members of the team. Adam Rapoport, the magazine s editor in chief, sends out a weekly dispatch where he shares stories, opinions and discusses his experiences with BA recipes.

To wrap it all up Your sender name can make or break your email marketing efforts, so make sure to constantly monitor analytics. Specifically, focus on the metrics relating to engagement, as well as spam complaints, as these correlate most directly to the effectiveness of your sender name. They re also what spam filters use to determine whether your next campaign will make it into subscribers inboxes. If those numbers aren t where you want them to be, it s time to optimize. To learn more about the basics of email marketing, download A Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing by Mirabel’s Marketing Manager.